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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  July 29, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome back and we begin in gaza. artillery continues to pound targets in what has been the heaviest 24 hours of bombardment in three weeks. another territory has just been hit. benjamin netanyahu warned of a: campaign, squashing any hopes of a cease-fire.more than 1100 palestinians have been killed so far.
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53 soldiers have been killed on the israeli side. from more we crossed to gaza to speak to the reporter. what exactly have the israelis been targeting in gaza in the last 24 hours? >> last night we saw a massive bombardment across the entire gaza strip. the main targets from this attack seem to be civic infrastructure. we saw the main power plant which had been hit before hit directly and causing all kinds of damage. there was damage and bombing of the port and the leveling of the finance ministry and a main hamas television channel. we are basically seeing -- >> sorry, do continue.
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>> sorry. basically we are seeing as netanyahu has decided to extend the campaign in gaza indefinitely, an attempt to knock out most civilian infrastructure which we punishing the life in gaza. >> the prime minister has no intention of ending this war. what has been the reaction from people in gaza, especially hamas? >> hamas has said they are determined to fight on, that they are well equipped and prepared to resist israel and that it will be israeli casualties in the end that will force the israelis to end the war. they want an end to the seven-year blockade and the release of prisoners that were recaptured when israel decided to renege on part of a deal in
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the west bank over the kidnapped and then found dead israeli teenagers. what we're seeing from hamas is a position of complete unwillingness to compromise on what their basic demands are. gazans have lived under siege, not go back to a situation where they have the blockade reimposed. >> reporting from gaza, thank you. some militants are continuing to israel.kets at 10 israeli soldiers were killed in separate attacks on monday. we have a report. >> ambulance sirens wail as military helicopters rushed the injured to hospitals. the after mac of a mortar attack
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that killed four israeli soldiers and injured several more. there was fighting inside the gaza strip. there is minister said no war more just than this one and that his forces will continue to act aggressively. >> we knew we would have difficult days. this is a difficult and painful day. the stamina and determination are required in order to determine against the struggle against a murderous group. >> he added that israel will not end its offense until hamas' maze of tunnels have been neutralized. several palestinian militants used a tunnel to sneak into israel, attacking an army boats -- an army post. five troops were killed in
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crossfire with militants. thousands attended the funeral of another soldier fatally wounded last week in combat in gaza. another bloody day for the israeli military, where the death toll now stands at over 50 since the operation began. >> the united states and europe have agreed to escalate sanctions against russia. moscows concerns that could be setting up the stage for an out right invasion. a package of measures would target the military sectors. the downing after the malaysia flight over eastern ukraine earlier this month. a team has failed to access the crash site amid heavy fighting between troops and rebels. has attempted several
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times to reach the location. ukrainian troops are still seeking to secure the site. we have more. international investigators have failed to gain access to the crash site. that is a much the same situation as was the case on saturday and sunday -- sunday and monday as the growing fighting continues. they are on the road to the crash site. pretty frustrating for the team of investigators. ohey still have not access t the crash site itself. there are two main priorities. secure the perimeter and the integrity of the site and any potential forensic evidence.
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perhaps more pressing is to recover the human remains. >> reporting from eastern ukraine. an investigation into a domestic chief in china who was most -- once among the country's most feared leaders. zhou yongkang is being investigated, but no further details. he was one of the nine leaders in the ruling. his members have been considered off-limits for provocation up until now. the french government says it is ready to offer asylum to iraqi christians forced to flee in the northern city of mozilla. many fled after they were told to convert to islam or face death. the country is home to an ancient christian community.
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we have a report. >> the aerobatic letter meaning christian outside buildings in mosul. christians an ultimatum -- convert, pay a tax, or be killed. >> all the people have left. nobody stayed there. >> 35,000 strong before isis fighters arrived. many have fled to kurdistan. they have struggled to cope with the struggle of displaced people. >> almost 300 families who stayed in the houses of relatives and friends. >> on monday, france came to the fence of a rocky christians,
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offering to welcome them -- france came to the defense of iraqi christians. >> humanitarian aid should be as significant as possible. asylum should be offered to these people who are persecuted. >> the christian community has dwindled ever since the invasion 11 years ago. once numbering around 1.5 million, the population stands at only a few hundred thousand. >> let's take a look at what is making news elsewhere. the ebola virus. .he first recorded case it has killed some 670 people in guinea and sierra leone since it was first diagnosed back in february. libya'slame engulfing
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biggest fuel facility. the government is blaming clashes for starting the fire. at least 97 people have been killed in the fighting in battling for control of the airport in tripoli. 900,000 people have signed a petition demanding democratic reform in the chinese controlled territory. over thed concerns siege interference from china. a democracy group have switched to -- the denomination of candidates is ruled out by chinese authority. moving on. argentina has until wednesday to $1.5wo hedge funds some
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billion or risk its second default in 13 years. we have more on what is at risk for the country and how argentina is calling on a block to help perform the finances. >> on the brink of default thing for the second time in 13 years, this latest crisis began when argentina was ordered to pay $1.5 billion to u.s. hedge funds. they bought the funds cheaply after they defaulted in 2001. investors rejected restructuring the debt. they stand a profit of over 1600% in just over six years. >> no government our country or no one in power would be willing to negotiate. it is not what a president of a
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sovereign country would subject their people to. it is extortion. minority.outs are the 92% of creditors agree to take the bonds. the country cannot pay those investors without repaying the hedge funds in full. they cannot afford to do both. officials will need a mediator in new york on tuesday. last-ditch attempt to come to an agreement before time rolls on on the default agreement on wednesday. a default looks increasingly likely. officials claimed this would be unlikely to impact the economy, which has been hit by recession and record levels of recession. peter, thank you for being with us. argentina will meet the mediator
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for last-minute talks. hopes for a deal are fading fast, aren't they? >> yes, they are. there is braced ship going on here and posturing. they're planning to use the on theto take a position need to reform the international financial system and threaten with the default, which of course plays quite well domestically or she is calculating it will play well in political terms. but she cannot hope for a lot of support from members who are problems of their own. >> what impact would a default have on the global economy and the argentinian economy? >> it wouldn't have much impact on the economy.
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most of the bondholders have settled. only a small minority, so-called vulture funds. argentina.ood for areg into default, they cutting themselves off from access to credit from the international markets, which has happened before. they have made deals with most of their bondholders and were able to get credibility. if they do it again for the second time in over a decade, they will be cutting themselves off. this is not good for argentina as a whole. >> argentina has been calling on members to work together in a reform of the financial system that counters the actions of these so-called hedge funds. is getting aina
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positive response from anybody within the trade block? >> there is a lot of verbal support. venezuela has been calling for reform in general for several years now. they very much have lined up with argentina. uruguay particularly and bolivia, who are observant. country, brazil, has terrible problems at the moment and are not about to go after for the sake of argentina. i do not think other than verbal support will be there. the economy is a complete mess. they will observe the declaration for the international financial system is one thing, but exerting any leverage is another.
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>> thank you so much, peter. violence in gaza is escalating as israel continues to pound targets. iss as benjamin netanyahu warning of a prolonged war. europe and the united states are to ramp up sanctions again against russia. they could be setting the stage for an out right invasion in ukraine. christians --aqi asylym being offered to iraqi christians. welcome back. time for our daily press review. i'm joined by oliver ferri. more trouble for nicholas sarkozy. do not seem toes
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end. reports that prosecutors are looking at investigations into the financing of his successful 2007 successful presidential campaign. other investigations underway into his 2012 campaign. the paper says the new investigations focused on a system of fake invoices that allowed his campaign expenses to be written down on the accounts of his party, which is not really legal. it looks similar to the thing that happened in 2012 when the accusedwas overbilling, of overbilling the campaign to simulate finances. the new investigation was launched as a result of revelations into the investigation. onice have made a search
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july 8. hisill have no doubt on political future. >> this looks like -- questions about transparency in french politics, a very contentious issue in this country. >> absolutely. there is a lot of murkiness around french politics. publication of the declaration of interest, which in a lot of european countries has long been the norm. it is very much a first for france. a lot remains to be done. seven ideas to clean up political financing. call for tenders for contracts within elections. that way it can do away with possible solutions with
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contractors and their party clients. that was the situation that happened earlier. they want to do away with the parliamentary reserve, which allows senators and mp's to pay for pet projects in their own constituencies. party has beens subjected to revelations regarding these fraudulent accounting for several years. on, gaza pretty much dominates the headlines. >> violence broke out again on monday with deaths on both side. benjamin netanyahu sees no quick war.o the gaza they want to neutralize the tunnels.
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tunnels fored the smuggling in reserves. israel alleges missiles and weapons over the last few years. >> israel has been critical of the secretary of state john kerry in his attempt to reach a cease-fire. >> there is anger on both sides. the white house has angrily defended john kerry. the israelis accuse him of bias. sourcess government says the u.s. are believed to be -- washington is believed to be fuming over. contacts with qatar and turkey, believed to be allied with hamas. the cease-fire was strategic terrorist attack. washington has dismissed those allegations. advisor felt the need to say
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no strongergreater, defender of israel than the united states. >> argentina, the country is in danger of defaulting on its bond payment. >> that is right. "the wall street journal" has a scathing editorial. it says that the president's accusations of corruption against the u.s. court ordered argentina to pay its bond holders. these advertisements were made in "the wall street journal." they say it takes some nerve coming from a country where copyrights are trampled on on a whim. the best outcome is for argentina to -- very few do support the government. many of them are regular
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critics. argentina's business leaders warned against the risk of default. access to international credit markets could be compromised. a candidate against fernandez in the 2007 presidential election. is president thinks she crazy the empire but is the argentine people who would pay. >> difficult time for the argentine citizens. that is a wrap of what is making headlines. now it's time for the daily wrap of sports news. from realn his way for a reported 30 million euro move. he scored 16 goals last season.
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the 23-year-old played in all five of france's matches at the world cup. chambers has finalized his move to arsenal for around 20 million euros. he is thrilled to be arriving in north london. manager.a fantastic everybody can see that. it will be amazing to work with him. they have a fantastic history of nurturing new players. i would just like to have the opportunity to follow in the path and be as successful as they are. >> joining chambers is the goalkeeper, one of their stars of the world cup in brazil. he is agreeing to a long-term
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contract. >> i would like to thank everybody at arsenal for trusting in me as a player. i am extremely happy to be part of such a great team. true.a dream come i will approach this challenge with the responsibility i give my very best. since the opportunity of coming year showed up, i cannot wait to start training and meet mina teammates and give my best. it is a big step for me and my career. intent toing his challenge for the crown. madrid is in the united states getting ready for their match in dallas later. there was a wonderful stroke by gareth bale.
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his efforts catching the eye of his teammates. they have had a fantastic year. he has proven with the great gold that he scored and he's in great shape. i think the entire team is looking good each day. this could be a better team than last year. >> they finished third last season. with the addition of the new players have strengthened their ranks. >> rodriguez is a great player. i am sure he's going to bring a lot to the team and improve the team as a whole. i am grateful that he is going to be on our side. richard played with two regular gold players last season. one may be on his way in.
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it is not a problem playing with different goalkeepers on a regular basis. the am comfortable with three goalkeepers that we have here. all three are fantastic players. it is a matter of being nervous. they have proven throughout the - hello, i'm john cleese.
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the great world religions all include teachings on the nature of forgiveness, and in the scientific world, one recent study showed that people who were generally more neurotic, angry, and hostile in life were less likely to forgive someone even after many years. other studies show that people who forgive are happier and healthier than those who hold resentments. now, you're about to see an extraordinary program, a studio conversation that you may never forget. so settle back, take a deep breath, as we join our trusted guide and host phil cousineau on a most memorable episode of global spirit, the first internal travel series.


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